In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing – emptiness without boundary. After time immeasurable, a Seed formed in the darkness. The Seed grew from an infinitesimal spot in the pervasive nothing to a great explosion of Energy. This expanded in an instant, filling the nothing with its substance. From the resulting Chaos formed the first thought – great beings of pure Energy.

Some of these beings played and whirled within the Chaos, forming patterns about themselves; the Energy coalesced around them into the most basic of Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. These elements flowed and mixed, were created and just as quickly destroyed again, in a grand symphony as the beings – the Primordials – spun in an endless dance.

Other beings saw what the Primordials had created and began to gather these Elements. They gave the swirling Chaos form and permanence: Air became sky, Fire became light, Earth became land, Water became sea. These beings – the Gods – continued to weave their pattern of Order to the Chaos, creating life in the sea, on the land, and in the air, gifting thought and civilization to some of their creations, and further taming and refining the Elements to fit their grand tapestry.

Order continued to grow at the hands of the Gods, eventually pressing on the very Chaos of the Primordials. The beings of Chaos felt the bonds of Order closing in and lashed out in rejection, shredding the Gods’ careful threads. The beings of Order responded by weaving ever more quickly, and the Primordials escalated their wild dance to a true frenzy; thus began the Dawn War.

The war between the Gods and Primordials raged for many years as the forces of Order sought to bring form to the last vestiges of the untamed Elements, while the forces of Chaos looked only to return the world’s permanence back to the wild cacophony of their Elemental dance. Minor servants of the Gods, the angels and the mortal races, fought against the elementals and demons of the Primordials. As each side grew more and more desperate to win, the battles grew larger and larger, until finally the Gods and Primordials themselves threw themselves into a final confrontation.

The opposing forces of Order and Chaos collided violently. Evenly matched, each fought for any advantage over the other. Suddenly gaining a slight edge, the Gods rushed in for a killing blow. The Primordials, sensing their imminent defeat, made a sudden release of all of their Chaotic energy. The suicidal blast destroyed the Primordials, the great Gods, and split the world itself; this cataclysmic event is known was the Sundering of the World.

In the Beginning

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